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We believe that civil lawsuits are a powerful tool to get justice for survivors, correct institutional failures, and protect vulnerable youths in the future.

Our experienced team provides legal help and guidance for survivors of abuse by juvenile hall facilities.

Maryland Sexual Abuse Attorneys

We are a group of nationally recognized law firms working together for one goal – to get justice for survivors of sexual abuse and institutional negligence.   Children deserve better and when institutions – such as the Maryland Juvenile Hall system – allow predators to abuse them, they must be held accountable.  By bringing some of the most accomplished trial attorneys together, we strive to provide survivors with the best possible representation and promote change at the institutional level that helps prevent further victimization. 

Bailey & Glasser, LLP

At Bailey & Glasser, LLP, we are deeply committed to fighting for survivors of child sexual abuse.  We understand that they have sustained horrific, unfathomable abuse by people in positions of trust.  We also understand that survivors are often hesitant to come forward with a claim and how difficult that decision can be. 

From the very beginning, we work hard to establish trust with our clients to let them know that we are here to listen and that they are not alone.  All information shared with us by clients is maintained as strictly confidential.  Our trauma-informed team strives to provide a comforting and supportive setting, empowering clients to find their voice and fight for justice. 

We truly believe in what we do and work tirelessly to seek justice and create institutional change by exposing system wrongdoing and holding institutions accountable. By doing so,  our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of survivors of child sexual abuse while helping to prevent future perpetration along the way.


Walsh Law, PLLC

After years of litigating high-stakes cases for corporate defendants, Walsh Law brings our trial expertise and experience to those who need it most.  Led by founding partner Alexandra Walsh, we are driven by passion and heart, armed with extensive experience, and fight for survivors of sexual abuse who seek justice against the institutions that allowed the abuse to occur.  


Rhine Law Firm, P.C.

Rhine Law Firm, P.C. gets real results for clients in complex cases through experienced, intelligent representation.  We represent victims of sex abuse because we believe that it’s the right thing to do. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting children – the most vulnerable and innocent members of our communities. 

We focus our practice on institutions that have an obligation to keep children safe, but often fail to do so.  We seek to change the behavior of these institutions through litigation.


DiCello Levitt

DiCello Levitt has achieved national recognition for its work representing plaintiffs in large class actions and multi-district litigation.  A firm built on a foundation of integrity and experience, DiCello Levitt is dedicated to helping individuals who have been wronged by corporations and institutions.  The firm and its lawyers are highly respected for their ability to take cases to trial and win, regardless of the size and power of the opposition.